What is Biochar?

MidWest Biochar’s Premium Biochar will support greater water retention, increased microbial activity, better nitrogen absorption and it will continue to improve your soil year after year.

MidWest BioBlend

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MidWest Bioblend Is A Bio-Bases Topsoil Mix, A Ready To Use Product That Makes Even The Below Average Gardener Look Like A Professional.


Wood Vinegar

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Wood Vinegar | MidWest Biochar Providing The Highest Quality With A Competitive Rate At $5/4Oz – Order Now!


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MidWest Biochar Benefits

Biochar provides a unique soil improving solution for the long term, using locally available materials. Research has shown that the soil will be healthier, allowing crops and flowers to produce a larger yield.

Our Creation

There are many techniques and natural products used to create Biochar. We carry a wide variety of naturally produced Biochar, heated by recycled wood donated to our company. We always recycle our wood and never tear down any living tree

Biochar Products

At MidWest Biochar we proudly offer the very best Biochar for your home or business needs so that you may unlock the full potential of your soil, your seed and the plants that will grow.

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